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The long awaited debut album is out! This full-length album contains 7 songs of 2 of the Byron's most talented bands:

AirStructure and Skankstarz


Track List:

AIR STRUCTURE (click to preview):

  • Fussing And Fighting
  • Say About
  • Your Choice


SKANKSTARZ (click to preview)

  • Gimme Di Fyah
  • Reach For Your Dreams
  • Skankstarz
  • Uphill Battle


    This is the digital-only version of the vinyl record. Consider buying the Vinyl Record, which also includes this digital release.


    Technical Specs:

    Format: AAC (320kbps)

    Sample Rate: 44.1KHz

    Bit Resolution: 16bit

    Channels: stereo

    Duration: 35min, 44sec

    Levels optimised for iTunes Soundcheck

    Air Structure / Skankstarz Split Album - Digital Record

    SKU: BV002

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