Online Mixing and Mastering

You have recorded your music in a local studio or home-studio? Great to see that your music is taking shape! 

If mixing is not your day-to-day profession, it is well worth leaving the mix to someone with about 20yrs experience in mixing and mastering. 

How it works:

1. Consultation:

Upload a rough mix and lets have a chat about it. I want to get a clear idea how you want your songs to sound. Together, we'll decide if the songs are ready for mixing or if further work is needed.

I can offer solutions, should you wish to add new takes or replace existing ones.

2. Get your song ready for mixing:

  • Remove all temporary or unwanted audio files.

  • Double-check all edits. Trim, fade, crossfade until all tracks are free from audible edits and/or extraneous sounds.

  • Consolidate (aka. render, merge) all tracks from the same start point.

  • Name all audio files with a short description of the sound to expect.

  • Export wav-files, in 24bit (or 32bit-float) with no change in sample-rate.

  • Upload the files to the google folder provided.

3. Lean back and let me do my magic. 

Pre-listen versions of the mixes / masters will be provided for you to enjoy and review.

One mix revision is included, should you have requests for changes.

Additional mix revisions are charged by the hour.

The approved mixes / masters are delivered via google drive and will be available to download for 14 days.

Rates and additional services:

Mixing of up to 32 tracks (mono or stereo): AU$350/song

Mastering for CD or Vinyl or Internet release: AU$60/song

Additional mix revision: AU$50/hour

Additional work, such as editing, timing correction or pitch correction: AU$50/hour

Archiving of audio files and mixes / masters: AU$1 per GB per month

Terms and Conditions:

You're doing an EP or album? Contact me, I may be able to offer rebates under certain conditions.

A deposit of 50% is required prior to mixing.

All remaining fees are due prior to the release of the finished mixes / masters.

Allow up to 10 days turnaround. Fast turnarounds are possible but will require a surcharge. 

Payment options: PayPal, bank-transfer


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