Jan 'Yarn' Muths

I am a sound engineer (live & studio), record producer, educator and record label entrepreneur.

Who I am and what I do:


"I’m a sound engineer and record producer. I love capturing musical performances and bring out the human element and the emotion of the music - whether this is live or in the studio.

My mixing art is to enrich the musical art of others. I get excited about beautiful imperfections. I get bored by musically perfect takes without anything to hold on to. I love takes that tell me something about the performer’s personality. When mixing, I try to play the mixer like a musical instrument. My mixes get better the less I process, and the more I ride faders. Pass after pass. Naturally, I need to be hands-on, mixing without faders to touch is painful for me."





My main profession is Lecturer at SAE Byron Bay's audio department.


I hold a first class BA (HONS) in Recording Arts and a Grad Cert in Creative Media.


I was awarded a Dolphin Award (Production / Engineering) in 2010.

I am an AVID certified Pro Tools instructor and a specialist in large-scale analogue consoles.

Previously, I worked as the manager at Studio 301 Manufacturing, where I oversaw the Customseries75 manufacturing factory in Byron Bay.

Live Sound Productions:

I've mixed several hundred shows in over 15 years, including:

Live Sessions (monthly live show)

Reggaefest 2011 (production manger, FOH, recording) Launch Festival 2011 (FOH) Mullum Fest 2010 (FOH) Reggaefest 2010 (FOH) Global Carnival 2009-2011 (foldback) Loud festival 2009, Gold Coast convention centre (FOH) Wacken Festival 2006 (recording)

Today, I specialise in producing acoustic music; the credits range from Reggae to Metal. I have worked on music productions such as:


Many years in the making, I have finally turned my dream into reality and founded my own record label Byron Vinyl. 


In addition, I am a podcast editing specialist with extensive skills in podcast dialogue editing, sound restoration, dialogue tone optimisation and podcast final mix / loudness maximisation. 

I am currently involved in the audio-production of the 3rd season of of the highly successful podcast series 'The Recommended Dose' - Listen in! It may save your life one day.


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